The Turing Initiative is an event series to promote inclusion in technology, with a focus on LGBTQI2 issues. The project draws its name from Alan Turing, one of the founders of modern computer science and a gay man. Despite his myriad contributions to computer science and defense of the realm, he was prosecuted and convicted for homosexual acts.

As the place of technology in our lives grows, so does the importance of having diverse contributors. To date, much of the efforts to make tech more inclusive have focused on the gender gap. Although the work is far from done, other kinds of diversity can also be brought into the conversation, in particular, LGBTQI2.

This present initiative seeks to build community for queer folk in tech, both within the events we organize, and by creating more inclusive workplaces. While there is no lack of opportunity in tech for people with diverse gender and sexual identities, the friction caused by brogrammer culture, heteronormativity, cisnormativity, or entrenched gender binaries can become overwhelming.

Although we may tend to group these issues together, it is important to remember that LGBTQI2 issues are diverse, and intersectionality is a key concept in any conversation of this kind. At the end of the day, this project strives to impart the message that although all queer individuals may share common concerns because of their marginalized status, ultimately we are all in the technology field because we love making things, writing code,  creating graphics or designing games, telling stories, and this links us together as much as sexual or gender identity.