A Successful First Python Workshop

Today’s workshop, “Python for Absolute Beginners,” had a particularly appropriate name. Not only was it the first time that many of the students used a programming language, it was also the Turing Initiative’s first event.

Due to illness, Susan Sim substituted at the last minute as the instructor for the course. We had twenty students spend their day with us. This was particularly impressive as it was a Saturday during the busy holiday season.

Most of the day was spent doing hands on programming, using either Codecademy’s Python track or in PyCharm Community Edition. Occasionally, there was
lecture, demo, or a quiz.

In retrospect, we probably should have taken a selfie of the class. Next time…

We are grateful to the Faculty of Information at University of Toronto for sponsoring the space.

Special thanks to Tarunjit Singh, Shuai Wang, and Leo Ufimtsev for volunteering as mentors.